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Visual Literacy Com 105-006

Critical Analysis

For my critical analysis I chose to analyze an advertisement for LEGO. The ad is a series of images depicting different arrangements of LEGO blocks. These different arrangements on the surface are simple constructions of LEGO blocks that create shadows of a battleship, a tank, a dinosaur, and a plane respectively. The intended audience for these advertisements is parents and other adults who will be buying LEGO products for children.

The message conveyed through these images, which won the Cannes Award in 2006, is that LEGO blocks are a great way for your child to grow his or her imagination through something so simple as plastic pieces. The message is shown through the very nature of the image; the blocks are arranged in the simplest of patterns and yet they create such complex and detailed shadows. The image of the dinosaur uses the most pieces of any of the arrangements, four and yet it creates such a powerful image The point is that children who make these simple block combinations are using them as objects of their far more detailed imagination.

The portion of my experience that makes me understand the message portrayed in these advertisements is that I was a huge fan of LEGO growing up and would still play with them today if society allowed it. Everyone in this country knows LEGO; there is a LEGO Land in California, there is a LEGO Village at Disney World in Florida and countless famous people places and things have LEGO versions of themselves out there somewhere. I think that this is an effective advertisement because it paints a simple and effective image of what LEGO is really all about. The appeal of LEGO blocks is their simplicity and the imagination that children tap when playing with them.

The collection of images is a photo essay of sorts. Although the order of the photos has no significant bearing on the overall message, the images themselves together hammer home the message that LEGO is a simple and imaginative plaything. The advertisement showed me that the world needs more simple toys like LEGO. Building blocks are a classic toy that has been used by children for years and years and it is an alternative to the all too common video games of today’s world. LEGO is an image of innocence and the advertisement captures that image perfectly.


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