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Visual Literacy Com 105-006

Artistic Statement

For my Great Work, or “Magnum Opus” as the ancient Romans would call it, I along with the talented Erin O’Neil composed a work rivaled only by great men, those such as Sir Johnny Knoxville, and the infamous “Wee Man”. We gathered a few willing and brave souls to accompany us on our journey, a journey towards the ultimate embrace of immaturity which came to a successful end with “JACKASS: AU”

On a more serious note, Erin and I sought to create a modified version of the popular MTV movie and television series “Jackass”. We knew that this would be an undertaking, however we also knew that it would be an absolute blast, and surely something that most of, if not all of our classmates would appreciate.

We chose to do spin-offs on two different sketches that have been performed by the Jackass crew and an original one of our own. The “Heavy Balls” sketch is a modification of “The Cup Test” performed by the aforementioned Sir Johnny Knoxville. The “Shoe Lick” sketch is something that has been done by immature friends all over the world, and the Jackass gang alike. Lastly, the “WTF?!?” sketch is something that Erin and myself developed on our own.

Our goal after putting all of this together is to get a laugh out of everyone who watches this . Humor is something that should be appreciated on different levels by different people and immature humor is something that I believe everyone can appreciate. From the classic “Three Stooges” to today’s “Jackass”, slapstick comedy has transcended generations, and I am glad that Erin and I got the chance to bring it to AU students.


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