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Magnum Opus- Jackass

Magnum Opus

Testing the limits of an athletic supporter
Jackass TV Show:
Modified to not hurt as bad, instead of croquet we’ll use golf balls, won’t use sledgehammer, field hockey ball.

Punching people right before they eat
SNL Digital Short:
Staged not random, collection of four different shots
Eating standing up
Eating sitting down
Eating walking
Eating outside

Licking the Bottom of People’s Shoes: tell him it’s for a prize and then he doesn’t get anything after

Running prank. Stand in dorm lobby behind a pole and surprise people as they come inside. We will integrate it after every other prank, one or two examples of this each time.

Either Erin or myself will introduce each clip, with a title typed on the screen.



Norman Rockwell Marriage Counselor

1. Shot of a kitchen door, sounds of arguing behind it. Eye level shot close to the door slowly zooming in. Slowly pan to the right to see glimpse of light beyond door and the partial view of a person

2. Change of camera-view to a shot of the wife, from the husband’s perspective arguing across an island in the kitchen. Back and forth bantering over nonsense, as camera pans from husband to wife back and forth at eye level.

3. Wife moves around island in kitchen and gets very close to husband. Camera is now on side of couple catching their sides, showing the husband’s height advantage but the woman’s rage.

4. Camera zooms in as wife begins to point and shove husband. Camera shifts to wife’s point of view again as husband looks shocked and tries to leave. Camera remains stationary as husband begins to walk out.

5. Wife yells to husband to come back. He rapidly turns around, and yells at wife revealing in anger all of the things that his wife does that bothers him. Camera is zoomed in on husbands exasperated and angry face. Upon finishing argument, camera remains on husband as he breathes heavily in and out. Camera shifts to wife, who looks utterly shocked. Pan back to husband as he looks suddenly scared. Pan back to wife who looks angered beyond belief.

6. Resume side angle shot as wife punches husband in the eye. Husband staggers for a minute as camera zips back onto an eye level shot of him. Husband falls down in a heap as camera captures view of husband lying face down on kitchen floor.

7. Next day, couple is coming down stairs. Both look shy and there is an ice between them. Camera is at bottom of stairs, then moves to the side of the stairs as they walk towards the door. Husband opens door for wife, camera is in the house behind them. Husband follows wife out, and as soon as the door closes, the shot comes to the picture of the pair in the marriage counselor’s office.

Friday Morning

Class Example

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