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In this photograph I took one of my completed crossword puzzles and arranged it on top of a bunch of scattered newspapers. The pen the confidence I have to do a crossword in pen, and its location on top is symbolic of how I succeeded in finishing the puzzle. The worn edge on the left side of the puzzle is a sign of the effort that I put into it. The color is darkened to give the answers a more prominent place in the picture. I took the picture at a slight angle to exaggerate the size of the puzzle, and the blue color of the pen and the red color of the delta logo work to complement each other as well.


Artistic Statement Photo Essay

My assignment was to catch a moment of a student procrastinating by eating instead of working. I was carrying my camera around with me all day and when I had just about given up for awhile on finding a shot I got to my room and my roommate was sitting, eating a cookie, instead of working. He didnt notice me at the door, so i carefully and silently angled my camera over my bed and snapped the picture. The flash and click of the lens alerted him but by then it was already too late and I had my shot.

Class Example

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